We have been operating on both, domestic and foreign markets, for many years. And in all this time, we have provided our customers with complex services ranging from cooperation on the development of a new part, through its design, construction and production all the way to tool maintenance and serial supply of pressed parts.

We are a member of the Hronovský, s.r.o. group.

We produce high-quality progressive cutting and bending tools and moulds for plastic injection, mainly used for the production of technical components for the automotive industry and electrical engineering.


  • We are a dynamically developing company. Our mission is professionally, flexibly and comprehensively design, manufacture, assemble and service automated production lines and injection moulding tools.
  • We see quality as part of our production.
  • The services we offer are provided by qualified and competent professionals.


  • Our goal is to be the market leader in design, manufacturing and servicing of automated production lines and injection moulding tools.
  • We want to be a sought after, internationally respected and growing company with competent and motivated professionals.


  • Within our industry, we hold quality know-how, which we will continue to develop and expand with additional services based on customer needs.
  • We will make significant efforts to expand our customer portfolio both, on the Czech market and abroad.
  • In the area of human resources, we will focus on the selection of quality human capital, which we will continue to systematically motivate, train and develop.
  • We want to keep seeing quality and safety as an essential part of production.

EU subsidies

  • OP Enterprise and Innovation (OP EI)
  • OP Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness (OP EIC)